How To Break A Firewall To Access The Blocked Sites.

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 It is not irretating it irritating that when you use a computer in the college, and you cannot access a particular site because it is blocked. How to break a firewall to use suck blocked sites.

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How To Break A Firewall To Access The Blocked Sites.


You can break or bypass a firewall by the following way:

1) Using Ultrasurf or JonDo.

  •  Download either of the extensions.
  •  Once downloaded, they will connect to the proxy servers and open a default web page in your web browser.

  •  Now you can use the blocked websites.

2) Using Remote access.

  •  At your home, turn on your computer and connect it to the Internet. Make sure to enable remote access.
  •  In the college’s PC, go to start and select accessories.
  •  Go to remote desktop connection and type in your IP address.
  •  Now you can use your computer or browse any site you want.

3) Using a VPN

  •  Download VPN software to unblock sites.
  •  Hotspot Shield, superVPN, openVPN are some of the popular VPN software that you can download online to unblock the sites.

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