How to boot from cd rom with efi?

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Where can I find the instructions to boot from cd rom with efi? What other options are available, if this does not work?

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How to boot from cd rom with efi?


Hello Dawn,

You can find the boot option on your system's BIOS setup.
In order to access the BIOS setup, please follow the following steps:

1. Re-start / Turn on your machine.
2. While booting, press the f2 or del key on your keyboard simultaneously.
3. If step #2 doesn't work, try pressing ctrl + s at the same time.
4. If step #2 or #3 is successful, then you should have accessed the BIOS setup.
5. Find the boot option menu and select the boot priority.
6. On the boot priority option, select cdrom.
7. Insert the cd.
8. Press f10 to save and restart.

Hope it helps.
Have a good day.

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