How to block IP Address to show

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What is an IP Address.

Websites such as, shows my IP Address.

Can any website get to know my IP Address?

Can I block my IP Address to show to any website?


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How to block IP Address to show


Hey Denzel morales!

Let me answer all of your questions. Basically IP Address is Internet Protocol Address that is uniquely assigned to each computer. This IP cannot be the same for any other computer.

Some sites tell our IP just like These sites trace our IP Address and tell our location, Windows that we are using, Browser that we are using. Although other Sites uses some tools that can trace our IP.

There are lots of software such as Hotspot Shield and Hide My IP. This kind of software hides your real IP address and if someone attempts to discover your IP address, this kind of software will show a false IP to that site. Your real IP will not be displayed to them.

I hope that all your questions are clear now.


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How to block IP Address to show


IP is the short term used for Internet Protocol. An IP address or Internet Protocol address is a numerical label allocated to every device connected to a computer network that utilizes Internet Protocol for communication. An example of a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication is LAN or Local Area Network. Another example is the World Wide Web or the internet which is the biggest form of network that spans all over the world.

The IP address has two main uses: for location addressing and for hosting or network interface identification. Its role on the network has been described as follows: a route indicates how to get there; a name indicates what we seek; an address indicates where it is. According to the designers of the Internet Protocol, an IP address is a 32-bit number that uses the IPv4 system.

IPv4 is the short term used for Internet Protocol Version 4. The IPv4 system is still currently being used today. On the other hand, because internet is a growing network and the available addresses are depleting as they predicted it, IPv6 was developed in 1995. IPv6 is a new version of Internet Protocol that uses 128 bits for the address.

If you are wondering if your IP address is detected by the website you visited, yes it is true. When you connect to a website, the website can see your IP address. If you don’t want your actual IP address to be seen by any website, you can use a proxy or a virtual private network. The proxy or the VPN masks your real IP address with a different one and you appear as if you are from another country.

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