How to block certain websites??

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I am looking for help to block some websites and don't give permission to the other computer users (children) to access to those websites.

How can I do this?

Is there any software make allow me to block a list of websites that I don't want others to see?

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How to block certain websites??


Depending on which browser you use you have the following options.

In Internet Explorer version 5 or later go to Tools, under Internet Options go to the Privacy tab, click Sites, type in the address you want to block and click OK. Remember, only works with one link at a time.

If you’re using Firefox it’s best to use an add-on to block sites. I highly recommend BlockSite as a top choice.

In Firefox go to Tools, click Add-ons, click Get Add-ons, choose Browse Add-ons and type BlockSite in the search box.

If you’re using Google Chrome click the wrench symbol in the upper right corner, click Tools, choose Under the Hood tab click Change Proxy Settings, then Security click Restricted Sites there double click Sites and add the site you want blocked.

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How to block certain websites??

Wexler hope the following steps will guide you in fixing this issue.:..:
  • Yes you can do it just by setting the properties that you are wishing not to be accessed by children is required you to edit the Host file and this is a file which is a computer file used to store a lot of information in finding a node on a computer network. 
  • In Windows XP you should follow the steps
Click on Start -> Select All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.
Then Command Prompt will open a DOS command window.
Type the following : notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
Locate the line localhost
To block the website for example then you just add this text under localhost..:
  • Like this you can add many sites as you needed, However you must need to prefix it with "".
IP mapping
6. Save that file and then it will stop accessing the Google.
Thank you.


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