How to block certain sites on my PC?

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Situation: I have a PC at home and the PC is shared by the family so my brother and 3 sisters share the PC. I am afraid that my brother would open sites that are not good and maybe phonographic in content and my sisters might see it too.

Question: How will I block specific sites on my PC so that only good sites and not phonographic sites in content will be accessed on my internet.

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How to block certain sites on my PC?


Internet Explorer 5 presented the capability to increase the security and privacy of the user. If you want to block a site, follow the steps below:

1. Launch your Internet Explorer.

2. Click on Tools> Internet Options> Privacy Tab.

3. Click Sites on the Privacy window.

4. Type the URL that you wish to block and then click OK.

Remember that you need to type one of the following formats:




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How to block certain sites on my PC?



I will Give You Solution  In your Questions that have Proven and tested.


First Solution

Open My computer —–> go to Drive C: —–> Windows—–>System32  —–> drivers —–> etc —-> and open to notepad Host File.

For Clear explanation

First click my computer then you will see Drive C: double click it  then next you will see windows folder click it and find System 32 folder next double click that folder  then go drivers folder then click etc folder after you click ETC folder you will see host file there then open that file to notepad. When the host file open you will see localhost now under this if you want to block websites you can add example of site to block  

or if you want a shortcut go to start then find run then paste this C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc , If you find error Find if where your Operating System files have mostly you find it in Drive C or D, If you see your OS files in drive D simply change C: to D:


Another Solution is Download Free Software Filtering or Blocker

Example is


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