How best to protect icloud acct against a phishing attack?

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What is the best approach to protect an icloud account from phishing attack? In the last revelation that some icloud account were access due to phishing and personal and private file were accessed by the attackers, how can a icloud user know if his account has been phished? What other vulnerabilities exist in the use of icloud?

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How best to protect icloud acct against a phishing attack?



Phishing attacks are very frequent on all platforms, nowadays.

1. First of all, make sure you have put a strong password, one that will include a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, as well as the security question, choose wisely.

2. The best way to protect yourself from one is not to open any suspicious mails you might get, that you don’t expect. Usually, the scammers will use various methods to convince you it’s coming from the official source.

3. Do not enter any private information or passwords into any form or fields, because companies like Apple would never ask you to do so. The hidden links that they provide by impersonating sites or people you trust do not lead to the real place intended.

4. If there is a chance always check the URL address before going to further steps and compromising your iCloud.

5. Also, if you get a warning about an invalid digital certificate while visiting, be careful and do not proceed.

As for knowing that your account has been compromised, Apple will send you an email if any new device connects to it. To take away the doubts, have in mind previous emails from a specific sender and compare. 

For more security you can set up 2-step authentication, where only you will manage to verify your identity. If you are not sure how the scam mail might look like, or how to spot the difference from the legitimate mail, here is one example:



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