How to be operated P e cyclone programmer serial cable by programming?

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P e cyclone has over 3mb of non volatile memory which allows the on board storage of multiple programming images. But I don't know how to be operated interactively P e cyclone programmer serial cable via windows based programming apps. Please let me know any one.

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How to be operated P e cyclone programmer serial cable by programming?


Hello Halleleilani,

Hope you are fine. I think I can give you a solution. So don’t worry. You want to know how to operate p&e cyclone via windows program. You can do it. So here is the Cyclone Pro functionality.

Interactive Debugging : By using the USB, Ethernet ports the or Serial to connect to and debug a microprocessor-based target, the Cyclone PRO can be used in an interactive mode. To access the target hardware from the Host PC directly you can use serial and USB ports, while the Ethernet port permits to place the target hardware anywhere on the corporate LAN and the Internet.

Interactive Programming via a Host PC : By using the Serial, USB, or Ethernet interfaces , the Interactive Programming mode permits the programming of the flash of a target hardware as like the Interactive Debug mode. A user can accomplish this manually through the program software otherwise automatically  through CPROG. When used with CPORG, the Cyclone PRO can detect error codes. Then it provides a seamless and automated means of programming targeting hardware as well as getting pass/fail status.

Stand-alone Operation : Ability to work in a pre-configured, stand-alone mode is one of the best features of the Cyclone PRO. This is a very useful ability for tasks of upgrading and programming target boards on production lines. The user can pre-configure the Cyclone PRO in this mode with an image. The process of programming may be started from the Host PC as well as an operator in the field once the Cyclone PRO is configured. The Cyclone unit may be powered with the Cyclone power pack. It is a light and compact lithium ion battery which is available separately.

PC Controlled Stand-alone Programming : An image has been programmed into the Cyclone PRO in this mode. Now with a simple command packet  the PC runs the programming process. Flash programming occurs from the Cyclone PRO/MAX image to the target directly and the result is then sent to the host computer. The data such as a serial number is added to the fixed image which is being programmed as part of the command packet.

Hope you will get your answer.

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