How to avoid my friends using my personal computer.

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Hi experts,

I have many important documents in my computer which I don't want  to share with my friends. But my friends are insisting to use my computer. What should I do then?

How do i secure my desktop, can i create a new profile for them?

Securing my Windows 7 desktop could be fun and sure could have many ways with this latest OS

Any suggestion is welcomed.

Thank you.

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How to avoid my friends using my personal computer.


Hi omar,

Don't worry about this problem.There is a feature in window 7 operating system namely parental control which can keep up your friendship as well as it will not allow your friends to access your important documents while using your personal computer. Please follow the below steps to resolve your problem. What you need to do is turn on your Guest user account in your system.
1.Go to start-control panel-parental control.
2 Click on user accounts which is bottom left hand corner column.
3. Click on Manage another account.
4. You will see the Guest account with an icon.Please click on that icon.
5.Then Click on turn on  of Guest account.
Now restart your computer and log in into Guest account and leave your PC to your friends.
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How to avoid my friends using my personal computer.


As your friend wants to use your PC so it is difficult to say no. Don’t worry you can save your documents with a simple technique, your friends will not be able to see your files.

1. Go to the Desktop.

2. By right-clicking on it make a compressed zipper folder >> Name it as your wish.

3. Except My Computer and Recycling Bin, keep your all desktop documents in it.

4. Now go to the folder >> Click file>> add password.

5. As an advanced user you can also make an encrypted file container with FreeORFE or TrueCrypt.

Your’re done! Now you can protect your privacy.

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