How to attend live lessons for online classes.

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Hi all users,

I want to learn some coding and logical parts of JavaScript language. I am reading online materials, but not finding them sufficient for the knowledge. Now, I want some live lessons from any Java experts so that I can ask my all doubts and have one conversation.

Can anyone guide me for attending any live lessons of JavaScript language.

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How to attend live lessons for online classes.



You can download videos about JavaScript tutorial from YouTube and other site.

If you want to learn through online live lessons then you have to hire a professional/teacher on JavaScript through oDesk or other freelancing organizations. You have to pay for it and they teach you through Skype.


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How to attend live lessons for online classes.


Hi James,

There are a good number of Universities that offer live online lessons.

These universities conduct their studies using a number of powerful tools. Tutors use teleconferencing facilities as a way of converging with their students. This is an interactive session because students are allowed to ask questions by the use of microphones regardless of their demographic positions.

They also take part in discussions where they can seek clarification. Depending on your interest there are many universities that offer this services and all you have to do is to search for them online and find the one that offers your desired course.

View this link to check an example of such universities. 

Thank you.

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