How are DNS server and Active Directory set up?

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Can you walk me through how a DNS server and an Active Directory are set up and named? Can both have the same name, for example:

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How are DNS server and Active Directory set up?


In Windows Server 2003 or later Active Directory domain has a DNS domain name (for example,, and every Windows Server 2003 or later based computer has a DNS name (for example, Architecturally, domains and computers are represented both as objects in Active Directory and as nodes in DNS.

Because DNS domains and Active Directory domains share identical domain names, it is easy to confuse their roles. The two namespaces, although typically sharing an identical domain structure, store different data and, therefore, manage different objects:

  • DNS stores zones and resource records, and Active Directory stores domains and domain objects. Both systems use a database to resolve names.
  • DNS resolves domain names and computer names to resource records through requests received by DNS servers as DNS queries to the DNS database.
  • Active Directory resolves domain object names to object records through requests that are received by domain controllers either as LDAP search requests or as modify requests to the Active Directory database.

Thus, the Active Directory domain computer account object is in a different namespace from the DNS host record that represents the same computer in the DNS zone.

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