How to activate bluetooth device in laptop computer

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Hello friends,

I want to use the Bluetooth device on my laptop computer. This device, a built in device and to use this one, it should be able to activate the device. My laptop model is HP G60-235DX. When I hit the button of Activate Bluetooth and hit the Bluetooth Settings, there are no options that show. When i hit the Add Device, no options appeared. How can I activate the Bluetooth device of my laptop? I want to use this one, for transferring music files and image files instead of USB.  Maybe you have an idea, share your concerns and post it here. Thank You.

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How to activate bluetooth device in laptop computer

  • Make sure that your system has the driver for the Bluetooth. The driver for the Bluetooth device should be compatible with the operating system you are using. So you should install the latest version of the blue tooth driver, on your computer. You can see the driver for your Bluetooth on a Windows 7 operating system, by right clicking on the computer icon on the desktop. You can select the properties; then select the device manager from the available options on the left side. You can see the Bluetooth radio on the list and right click on the icon and select the update driver software option.  This will update the driver for Bluetooth on the computer, you should be connected to the internet while updating the Bluetooth driver software.
  • If there is no Bluetooth driver software installed on your computer then you can install the driver for the Bluetooth device. You can download the latest version of the Bluetooth driver, for your operating system from the website of the HP. You can find the model of your laptop and the operating system you are using on the website and download the  latest version of the Bluetooth driver and install it on your computer. Then you can check, whether the Bluetooth is working. If the problem was due to the driver it should work now.
  • If the Bluetooth is working you can see the symbol of Bluetooth, in the notification area of your computer. In Windows 7 operating system, you can click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area. You can then select the add a device option. This will open a window that will search for the Bluetooth devices. If you want to connect to another device such as mobile, you should first turn on the Bluetooth on that device. Make sure that the visibility option of the Bluetooth on that device is turned on so that the computer can find that device while searching. When that device appears on the computer you can click next.
  • If you want, you can add a pairing code for the device. You will have to enter the pairing code on that device and the device will be added to the computer. You can then send files and videos to and from the computer to mobile device. For sending the file to the mobile device you can right click on the file and then select the send to option and from that you can select the Bluetooth device. You can accept request in the Bluetooth device and download the file into the mobile device. Similarly you can send the file to the computer from the mobile device. For that you will have to click on the blue tooth device on the notification area and select the receive a file option. Then you can receive the file and save it on your computer.
  • If still the Bluetooth is not working, the problem can be due to the hardware. You can give your laptop to an authorized service center of HP and service the Bluetooth device.
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How to activate bluetooth device in laptop computer



 Hi Tommy Crook,

In current decade laptop without Bluetooth seems very odd. But anyways your laptop didn’t has the built-in Bluetooth so you need the Bluetooth device separately which of course pinches again and again with some issues. In fact whenever we attach some device and it didn’t respond we have to check few things.

Is the device compatible with the system port/board? Is the device compatible with the operating system?  Is the device functioning properly (verify by plugging into other system)? If all these answers are yes then check the drivers according to operating system which is has detected the device but unable to perform any operation.

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How to activate bluetooth device in laptop computer


Dear Tommy Crook,

This is very simple work. To activate 1st install Bluetooth software properly. Then restart your laptop. After restarting just press F12 button from your Keyboard to activate Bluetooth.

Then you will see Bluetooth icon on your task bar. To add device just right click on Bluetooth icon then go add a Bluetooth device.

Then it will search others device.

I think it will work

Thanks and Regards


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