How to Accomplish Sending 500 Emails With My Students

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The probable pursuing solution maybe it could assist:

500 students must accomplish the task in the program that I have scripted and should be a copy of this data within the files directory (ended).

I want that students should click a button which is the files must be attach to an email and sent it to me with task 1 ENT601 F2011 as the topic. This will be nice gentle as the school SMPT is no longer demand to sign in for forwarding. The students must use an email address as a user ID of the programs, so that the sender is no longer a problem in behalf.

In my system, I want that you are capable to upload only these emails into the system that will be stored all the data at once, not like with outlook where I should copy the contractions 1 data all the time.

Is this achievable or the server must use between POP3 or IMAP?

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How to Accomplish Sending 500 Emails With My Students



If you are referring for a method to send an email to all your 500 students, there are many methods you can do it. Hope using outlook would be easy for you as you might be new to mass e-mailing.

If you are using outlook, then you can add all 500 emails to one distribution list send it one shot.

you can create a distribution list as follows,

File -> New -> Distribution List

Then you can give a name to the particular distribution list and add all 500 emails and send it in one shot.

However, if you are not comfortable with above, there are more other methods where you can send thousands of e-mails at once. But those are complex than this method.

If interested, feel free to be in touch. 

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