How to access window 7 PC from MAC book?

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I can access my Windows 7 computer by using my network from my MAC book network. I can also access my files from there.

I also want to access my files from my MAC book through my Windows 7 computer. Is this possible?

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How to access window 7 PC from MAC book?


Hi Lara,

There are instances that there are some features that MAC book can't access Windows 7 and same as Windows 7 accessing the MAC book. They are in the different brands, some of their default settings are needed to be configured because their design is in different views. They are both smart all you have to do just configures the settings so that you can share files or folder to each device.



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How to access window 7 PC from MAC book?


You can access windows PC on your network using the mac PC but first you have to make sure that you have proper administrator rights to the PC you wish to access remotely. Follow these steps to do the required job,

1. In your windows PC navigates to START and choose Control Panel.

2. Open the SYSTEM icon by double clicking.

3. On the REMOTE SETTINGS tab under “Remote desktop” choose one from two available options to enable users to access the system remotely.

4. Then click OK when you are finished.

Now your system is ready to accept incoming remote connections. (Configure the firewall so that it will not block the required port.)

Finally, on MAC PC, in Remote desktop connection window, in the “Computer” field type the DNS or IP address of the system you want to access. Click on connect and provide the username and password of the remote PC.

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