How to access parental control on my PC

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I am having the following several account problems on my computer: can’t access parental control option; unknown accounts are visible; and security permission problems. Let me describe the each one of it specifically, respectively.

• My parental control icon is not responding. I went to the control panel, then I double clicked it but, sadly, it didn’t respond. I tried other option, so I when to Explore option. But to my surprise, something pop up on my window that leads to my desktop and still nothing happens.

• I spent time managing other accounts on my computer just for fun of it. While doing these things, I found out how to bypass my parents’ administrator lock down on my computer. But it’s still safe to access. The problem is that the Manage Account option is not working. I already tried to go to Manage Account screen to click it but there is no response. What am I suppose to do to fix this problem?

• Every time I open the properties option on my folders such as videos, music and pictures; I click on the security tab and found out that there are unknown factors below the box. The following unknown factors are pasted below: 

Account Unknown?(S-1-5-2929278663-1622522750-1012029751-1005)

uuid(x):10000000-0000-0000-0200-001DD8611108     (MOTOMASTERPCMcx1)

Account Unknown?(S-1-5-2929278663-1622522750-1012029751-1009)

uuid(x):10000000-0000-0000-0200-0022485A6306  (MOTOMASTERPCMcx2)


I’m actually worried on these unknown factors because they might cause damage to the computer programs that I use. For instance, I use the music/videos/pictures sharing option on windows media player with my Xbox 360 lite. When accessing my account list, I have to type the account of a user profile that has been on my computer for a while but never done much of anything about it. 

I fear that my computer might be in trouble. I have to keep my computer in good shape because I can’t have my dream laptop yet. I have to be in college to own one. Right now, Windows Vista 32-bit Home premium was installed in my computer. The attachment on this statement is from the properties of the folder for “My Videos.” 

Hoping that someone could help answer or solve my problems on my computer accounts.

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How to access parental control on my PC


You may use iphone restore by following this simple procedure:

1. Get iphone backup extractor downloaded from the site, if you are using windows then from this you will get there are so many others.

2. Extractor the zip file you have just downloaded then move the application to the applications folder then run it.

3. Click on the read backup that pop's then click on the backup file of the device you needed the lost pin then choose.

4. At the bottom of the list click on iOS and click on extract remember to choose a folder where you want to save your extractors.

5. After the extraction is done go to the folder where you saved your files and follow the directory path. That is iOS>Library>preferences

6. In that folder search for a file known as and open it.

In windows this same file may read notepad this is the same file. With this you will have the pin and the access to parental control.

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How to access parental control on my PC


This problem occurred when you are connected to a domain server where users are configured on that domain. Or you have changed the name of your computer that is why when accessing the user profile in the security settings you may found something not common our out of your knowledge. The numbers you have seen are the registry values of each user configured before in the security settings of a particular folder, application or settings. These can be restored if the domains you are connecting from are restored or you will bring back the old name of your computer. Performing system restore will help you solve the problem. But if this doesn’t work, better to reformat and reconfigure the whole system. That is the best solution after all.

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How to access parental control on my PC


Hallo Julio,

You can try the following and see it can help solve the problem:

  • On your computer click on Start, and then type User Accounts in the blank field.
  • Press enter to open user accounts.
  • In the box that will open, delete any accounts that you do not need, or manage your passwords by changing them to some other ones.
  • You can choose to delete completely the account that has problems and create a new one.

But if it the problem becomes too tragic you will have to back up your data and format the computer so as to remove all the issues that may have been resulted from creating many accounts.


Mahesh Babu

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