Home network problem on two computers

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Friends at Techyv,

Here is the problem I am facing. I am having two computers at home. I have created a point to point network with those computers. I am using the remote computer for accessing the web, through the broad band connection in the host computer.

Please see the IP settings. HOST – REMOTE – and I am also having Kerio Firewall in the HOST computer. Even though I have entered the remote computer IP address into the Kerio’s trusted network settings, I cannot access the internet on both computers. Only host computer shows the internet connection. File sharing can be done between those two machines when the firewall is set to "on".

I have no idea why this is happening. Please guide me on what needs to be done.


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Home network problem on two computers


You said you are using broad band connection to connect to the internet, and you are trying to connect two computers using the broad band connection so that you can access internet on both two. I guess that will not be possible. In my experience of broadband usage, I only know that you can use broadband connection for a single connection and thus you will only be able to access internet on one computer using it.

In case you want to access internet on several computers, then my recommendation will be that you get a router, or get a live box which is provided by the orange internet service provider, and with it you will be able to access internet from multiple access points, but then you will need to have a router installed too.

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Home network problem on two computers


First you need to check that your service provider provides you facility to improve your network to more computer. If you can then you simply need to configure it and it will work fine. If you are using your network device to connect your systems then you will be able to see your network on another computer. You can either connect it manually or it is already configured in your network. To configure it manually you need to follow these steps :

Go to Local area connection settings or your service provider settings.

Then you need to find the option that says" connect other computers through this computer "

Once you have the option then you need to check mark on it. It is the option that is available in you network settings.

Once you have set this option you will be able to see other computers are running on the same network.

Michal joran.

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