Hide partitions without using softwares

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how to hide partitions without using softwares of any kind.do anyone know here?

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Hide partitions without using softwares


Dear Lionson,

Actually every one needs to know about this trick because you don’t need any software to hide your drive .It is very easy,just  click on start and navigate to RUN  where in dialog box write regedit which opens the registry editor where you navigate as follow


Now you need a DWORD and you got to name it as NoDrives. Now,value is to set 3FFFFFF.After restarting the computer when you will click it will show no drives .To enable the drives you have to go to DWORD and delete and you can see your drives again after restarting the computer again.

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Hide partitions without using softwares


Thanks also to this post I finally learned how to hide different partitions without the need of using software to do the job. Before, I use PartitionMagic to hide a partition on my hard drive. Here’s how you can do it yourself.

  1. From your desktop, click Start then Run. Enter cmd to go to command prompt or type diskpart to go directly to the console. Press Enter afterwards.
  2. In the console, type list volume to display all volumes or drives on your computer.
  3. Next, select the drive you want to hide. For example, you want to hide drive D, see the volume number opposite to it under “Volume ###”. In my computer, the volume number of drive D is “Volume 4”. See what it is on your computer.

  4. To hide that partition, enter select volume 4 then hit Enter.
  5. After that, enter remove letter d then hit Enter. This will then hide the partition.
  6. To undo the previous task or unhide the partition, enter select volume 4 then hit Enter.
  7. Type assign letter d then hit Enter. This will now unhide the partition. Enter exit then hit Enter to close the console.

This may not work on system drive or drive C where Windows is installed. And besides, you will not be able to boot Windows if you hide drive C. And also, to see the complete list of commands you can use on the console, type help then press Enter from within the console. For more information, visit [HOW TO] Hide partitions without software.

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