HGWC api hooking error occurred

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HGWC api hooking error:

I have been drawn back in Season 3, In a while I did not play S4 League. Most recent time I did play S4 I ended it because of issues with HGWC. Forums at the time showed to recommend that the Devs were alerted of the trouble and were operating to adjust it. After updating few issues (caused by non-standard permission settings on my C: Drive) I let off the game to come the right similar issue I did the previous time:



It has been found a hack : api hooking : W [2021] L [0]


My System:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 Professional with 32bit
  • Firewall: Free Firewall ZoneAlarm
  • Antivirus: Free Antivirus Avira

ALL of the other surroundings programs destroy, containing the gadget sidebar and ATI Catalyst.
I still attempted to switch off the firewall and anti-virus (no mean feat) and it remains halted
I imagine that I would have to entirely avoid the Antivirus and Firewall from loading at boot up to obtain this to effort, which is a little I am disobediently NOT ready to do.

I really feel affection for to play the fresh season but I just could not. No game should entail me to entirely stop my entire defense only to play it.

Need some ideas?

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HGWC api hooking error occurred



This error could error if you have ZoneAlarm installed on your PC or Firewall is blocking the game.  ZoneAlarm Browser has security restrictions on your game.  You need to select Task Manager, click "show the processes from all users" button and then look for "ISWSVC.exe" it is the ZoneAlarm Browser Security.  

Turn off the browser and check if the game works.  

The problem is that ZoneAlarm will always prevent the game from starting unless you repeat the same procedure.  If you don't have ZoneAlarm, they you will try to add HGWC to exceptions list.

I hope this is useful.

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