“Here is the error title” alert box

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I was on field to have some preventive maintenance on the computers, when one of the computer users approached me and showed me an error message,

I posted below the screen shot of the error.

Here is the error title

Here is the error text

Since I am not familiar with the error, what I did is to advice him to restart the computer, and reboot it again to have a fresh start.

I let him try again the same process, where he got the error, and the same error was displayed, I checked for some virus using the installed anti virus, and no virus was found.

As of this moment that's all I can do. I am posting this error here in the hope that I can still find some solution.

Please comment on this problem.

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“Here is the error title” alert box


To start off, what programs was the user using when he encountered this prompt? Have you tried to uninstall then reinstall the program, reboot the computer and then give it another try?

Next is to scan the computer for viruses or worms. What is the antivirus you are using & is it currently updated?

The next probable cause would be, it could be from the .DLL or .NET. modules that you have on your PC. Although some modules pop up together with the message error themselves, there are some modules that show up after a registry scan, the modules not commonly used. You can use any registry checker but I would recommend CCleaner. It’s fast, user friendly & has the option to repair the problem (this does not apply to all registry programs). Hope this post helps.

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