Help!problem with my new laptop?

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Hey everyone,

I want to fix this as soon as possible as this is my new laptop, its just 2 days I bought this laptop from Acer with windows 8. The problem is whenever the laptop goes to sleep mode it won't start until I plug the charger to it. I checked for this issue many times but this is the thing happens every time I keep it on sleep mode. Please help

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Help!problem with my new laptop?



There may be various possible reasons behind this weird behaviour of your laptop. Try one of the following workarounds, I am going to mention, hopefully your problem get resolved: 

It is possibly a video driver’s bug. Sure yourself by having the latest drivers installed in the laptop. If that doesn't work, try downgrading the drivers if the old ones are available. Check Acer as well as the graphics card manufacturer's site.

Go into the “power options” and set the option for “what to do when the lid is closed” to "do nothing". Even try BIOS setup for a "wake PC when lid opened" setting and disable it.

Run the “power trouble-shooter”:

Press <Windows + W> key on the keyboard.

In the search box, type ‘Troubleshooting’ and press enter.

Click <System and Security>; click on <Power>. Now click on “Next” to run the trouble-shooter.


Test the issue in clean boot status.

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Help!problem with my new laptop?


Your laptop does not wake up after going into the sleep mode. If it is happening sometimes then your windows are missing some bios or if that happens every time, then the system is unable to get the BIOS after going into sleep mode.

In both cases you have to reinstall windows on your laptop, but before that put your laptop into sleep mode and after two minutes try to wake it up by pressing mouse click and space-bar at the same time if it does not work then press ESC+DEL button. If you still unable to wake it up it means you have to reinstall the windows.

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