Help! XAMPP is giving me problems.

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I need your advice concerning a few issues I am having with XAMPP.

I really hope you can help me.

Every time I type “local host” in the Firefox URL bar, what appears is not XAMPP but what displays is IIS main page.

What I would like to is whether or not it is possible to have XAMPP displayed instead of the IIS. 

The other issue I am concerned about is with the Apache in the XAMPP control panel.

Nothing takes place at all when I click on it.

I tend to think that this problem with the XAMPP control panel Apache results from an error in Port 80.

Is it possible to change the Apache port?

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Help! XAMPP is giving me problems.


According to your problem you need to follow these step, firstly you need to change the apache port, firstly stop  the server, if it is running already. Go to the XAMPP installation folder and locate the “httpd.conf” file into “<drive>:xamppapacheconf” and open it into Text Editor.

In the configuration file go to line # 47 or find below line in the file.

Listen 80 and replace the port 80 into your desire port:

Listen 1000 in the next step go to line # 176 or find below line in the file

Server Name local host: 80 and replace the port into the same port which you wrote in the line # 47

Server Name local host: 1000
Save the file and start your XAMPP server or restart your system. Now your IIS and XAMPP will work simultaneously or alternatively you can change IIS port instead of XAMPP port.

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