Help in Uploading a file in IBM DB2

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Hello guys!

I am currently developing a project, and I'm using IBM DB2.

Now, I wanted to learn uploading a file in IBM DB2.

Can you please comment back an easy step-by-step process?


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Help in Uploading a file in IBM DB2


Hi John,

You can use the IMPORT command in order to insert data from an external file which should be of the supported file format into  table, hierarchy or view.

LOAD command is also the other option however it does not support loading data at the hierarchy level.

Following syntax can be used as an example on how to import information from myfile.ixf to the STAFF table:

Using LOAD command.


         '-CLIENT-'          +-pipename—+                   

Using IMPORT command.

IMPORT FROM–filename–OF–filetype————————–>

For further reading, please navigate to the link.

Hope this helps.



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