Help, Ruby won’t install on my Laptop

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Why is Ruby not installing on my Laptop? I just started learning Ruby general purpose programming Language and installing it on my laptop is posing a lot of challenges. I have tried many implementations of Ruby and none seem to be working on my laptop. What implementation of Ruby can be installed without Xcode?

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Help, Ruby won’t install on my Laptop


Download and install Ruby:

First of all download Ruby form this link Ruby cannot install 64bit operating system. It can only install 34 bit operating system. Ruby version 1.9.3 is required for windows.

If downloading complete then click on downloading folder and install it.

Install DevKit:

When downloading is complete and then you double click on the file and extract the file in DevKit that is install in C drive.

And then write code on command prompt that is given in below and run it.

chdir C:DevKit
ruby dk.rb init
ruby dk.rb install


 Ruby will be install on your window.

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Help, Ruby won’t install on my Laptop


If you want to install Ruby, make sure to select the correct version for your operating system. If you are just beginning to learn Ruby, they recommend that you install the latest 64-bit version, Ruby+Devkit 2.6.5-1 (x64), which is the latest version at the moment. The latest version provides the biggest number of compatible gems.

It also installs MSYS2-Devkit together with Ruby so that gems with C-extensions can be compiled immediately. They also said that the x86 or the 32-bit version should only be used if custom 32-bit native DLLs or COM objects are needed to be used. To get the Windows installer, go to RubyInstallers download page. The installer is available in two types: with Devkit and without Devkit.

For more information on installing Ruby, go to the Installing Ruby page.

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