Help with qa testing estimation

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Hi guys,

I have recently acquired a quality assurance tool that I intend to use on my software development projects, what I would like is some guidance on the testing estimation procedure and all that is involved during the process that would help me to come up with an accurate qa testing estimation.

If anyone has experience with the software please reply to the post I could use your help.


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Help with qa testing estimation



The process of QA testing resembles the execution of the following phases.

1. Developer hands over the complete system along with the test plan and documentation, to the QA representative.

2. For accuracy, the QA rep will review hardcopy user documentation. In accordance to the scripts written during the design phase, detailed tests will be ran, including installation and online help.

3. Results of each test will be documented. Error reports and correction requests will be provided to the appropriate programmers or developers.

4. As required, the programmer s and developers will make corrections to the system, installation process and online help.

5. Steps 2-4 will be repeated as needed, until the system passes the tests within preferred margins.

6. Testing checklist for application transition will be completed by the QA team.

7. The QA rep will sign off indicating that the system, all documentation and training materials have passed the tests within preferred margins.

8. The User Acceptance Test and installation procedures, containing all the corrections done during the QA testing will be created by the developers and programmers.

9. All testing documentation will be submitted for review.

10. A methodology representative will review the testing documentation and a compliance form will be completed. Afterwards, the materials will be returned to the project team.

11. If necessary, the core team will review the project plan, and the schedules / resources will be adjusted.

Based on all the involved phases, you can derive an estimation of the quality assurance testing.

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