Help needed for starting PHP

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I want to start PHP programming. For this reason I have to install PHP and Mysql. Please give me direction how can I install softwares to run server on my p.c. and which IDE is better suited for PHP programming. Please help me with suggestion.

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Help needed for starting PHP


You need to download XAMPP first. Install the software on your computer and once it is finish installing. Run both Apache and MySQL, this is what you need to start your PHP programming.

Download your XAMPP software here in this link:

Make sure that you have the IIS disabled but if you only have it on your computer.

To start open a web browser and type localhost on the address bar. The result should look like the image below.

Coding a php file should start with <? and ends with ?>.

Type this code on a notepad <? echo "Hello World"; ?> and save it as hello.php on the directory of XAMPP and then look for htdocs folder. That is the location for you to save.

now type localhost/hello.php on the web browser and it will result an Hello World message.

Try going to to find more information about php.

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Help needed for starting PHP



So you need to be a PHP programmer. PHP is a magnificent language and it is easy to learn. But you have to work little bit harder to be aware with the language first.

So you ask about the best server to do this, Apache server id=s the best solution for it. If you installed the XAMPP it will install the Apache web server, My Sql database server, and PHP into the machine. It is very easy other than installing them separately.

The best IDE that I recommended is Netbeans. It is light fast and perfect for the job.

Go with some tutorials step by step and learn PHP well

Good Luck

Thank you….

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