Help me solve problem with Epson XP-410 printer

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Last week I encountered a problem while I was printing using Epson XP-410 printer, I cleaned the print head with a soft clean wet cotton wool piece but after cleaning it became dim and colorless, then I realized that printer can no longer print in black color.  I have tried cleaning it with a cleaning unit but same error. Kindly help me to fix this issue, Can somebody help me?

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Help me solve problem with Epson XP-410 printer



I understand the challenge you are encountering. However, I would like to give you some little information that could be the possible cause of your printer’s printing error.

Cause #1: There is a tiny air hole on the cartridge and this hole aids air to get into the cartridge for the ink to flow or come out. When any tiny particle or material gets into the hole hence covering the hole may cause the cartridge from printing.

Solution: Get a sharp and pointed tool like scissors, pin, etc. and scratch or scrape to remove any substance blocking or covering the air hole.

Cause#2: There is a possibility of a clog of the print head. Cleaning the print head is to gush out ink in the look out of swabbing away the clog.

Solution: You can run a number of cleanings however, after three to four rounds discontinue this action (Note that too many rounds of cleaning the print head may cause damage to the printer). It is necessary to have a head cleaning kit in hand since the ink does not thaw an ink clot.

Here are few steps to follow to perform a head cleaning without a head cleaning kit.

  1. On the printer for a day
  2. After running a number of head cleaning print out the nozzle check pattern.
  3. Remove and reinsert the cartridges of the printer.
  4. Run another head cleaning and wait for an hour the repeat process.

NOTE: if the same error keeps occurring it is possible that only the head cleaning kit will do the trick. It is also possible that the head print may have burnt out and in such situation it is better to buy a new printer than a cost of a repair.

Brenda Cruise

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