Help me with this monitors ?!

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Hi all ,

I got an ATI Radeon HD5570 for my Dell Pentium 4 desktop whose OS is Windows 7. I also got two monitors along with it. They are both working good when I plugged and tried them, except when I tried the full screen mode while playing games or watching movies. I can view it in the main monitor, however, the second monitor does not work whenever I switch it to full screen mode. Is it not possible for me to run a game or a movie in full screen mode while running another program with the second monitor? If not, can I split the screen or convert the two monitors as duplicates? Cause I think I might be missing something. Thanks in advance!

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Help me with this monitors ?!


Hi Gogo,

Did you adjust the monitor? I think you need to change the resolution of the game you are playing into 1024 x 768. Depending on the game, you can go to settings or options. You can try the following steps:

  1. Right click your desktp
  2. Then click properties
  3. Click settings
  4. And the set your resolution
  5. Select full view screen
  6. Click apply after setting your resolution

You can also click Advanced button and then click monitor tab. You can see the refresh rate there. Change it to higher number to be able to use full screen in playing games or videos. I hope it helps.




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Help me with this monitors ?!


Try to set your second monitor as extended display. You can do or set this in your display properties or in your adapter tool found in the task tray. There are some instances that when you use duplicate or dual monitors when playing in full screen mode, the other monitor could not work.

Also try to run your games or video on your primary display then view them in full view.

You may also encounter this if you are sharing video memory. Video games are using a large amount of your video memory. If you are sharing in just one memory, the secondary display possibly hangs-up. 

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