Help me to create a formula in excel.

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I have a table in Microsoft excel including the student's name and their marks for the subjects mathematics, English and Accounts. I want a formula in a front column which meets the following criteria.

If marks of each subject are more than 50, column should be displayed as “passed” if not “failed”.

And in another place I want the number of passed and failed student separately.

Can someone tell me a formula?

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Help me to create a formula in excel.


I am able to give you a formula using some functions available in Microsoft excel. I will use “and” as well as “if” functions in this case. I will take the following example in order to explain you the way.

Please see the image below.

Some Functions in Excel

In the status column please type the following formula.


Type formula in Proper Column

Now copy that formula to below the cells. Then you will be able to get the status of each student.

Type the no of passed and failed students in a separate place as follows.

use proper formula

In cell J4 type the following formula.


Use COUNTIF Function

In cell J5 type this formula.



Then you will be able to get your expectation.

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