Help Mac pro turns off and charging problems too!

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Hi guys, I have this MAc pro since 1 year I'm using it and I was not addicted to games till a month ago but now started playing online games all day long now the problem is Mac pro turns off unexpectedly and when I charge it its not even charging many times I don't know what went wrong please help me fix this.

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Help Mac pro turns off and charging problems too!


If your laptop no longer charges when you connect it to the charger then I guess the problem would have to be the battery. In other laptops that run on Microsoft Windows, you can still use it even if the battery is not working or is already defective by removing the battery from the bottom part of the machine and connecting the laptop to the charger as you use it.

This lets you use your laptop similar to a desktop PC that is always connected to the AC outlet. Replacing the battery with a new one should fix the problem. To remove the battery of a 15-inch MacBook Pro, make sure the machine is shut down and then remove any cords or cables connected to the machine.

Turn it upside down then lift the locking lever. Lift off the access door then pull the battery tab to remove the battery. See images.

If your MacBook Pro still doesn’t work even after installing a new battery, in this case, you should bring it to a qualified service technician because the machine’s power supply needs to be check. Your computer should also work even without a battery by connecting it to the charger. But if this doesn’t work, the power supply has a problem.

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