Hello there. Please help me troubleshoot my Computer

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I have a problem, I bought a new computer. It already have Operating System. When I used it, I can't access the Internet.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello there. Please help me troubleshoot my Computer



Hello Micheal R,

                    I have an idea. I hope my idea could help you about your problem. Maybe your computer have no Ethernet Adapter drivers. Try to find the drivers. Install the drivers of your computer. Use the CD Of your computer. Read the computers manual so that you can easily install or fixed the problem of your and after installation reboot your computer if your computer recommended it you. Wait until your computer finished rebooting. After that, try to go to any site you wanted. If nothings happen then contact the manufacturer of your computer. Tell them the problem of your computer, so that the manufacturer will fixed the problem of your computer.

Thanks and Good luck!

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Hello there. Please help me troubleshoot my Computer


Please make sure that following is done and checked carefuly otherwise you have to do something about it:

1. Is your LAN enabled in your BIOS?

– If not, then do so, on the start of the boot process, press F2 or DEL to enter your bios setup. Look for the LAN device and enable it.

2. Have you installed the motherboard driver?

– if not then do so by inserting the CD that comes with your motherboard, and just simply install the driver for your network

– if you don't have the CD then look for the motherboard model and manufacturer, and then search the internet for drivers. Store it in a USB or CD (it depends on your preference).

Note: If you haven't tried installing all of your device drivers for your motherboard, please do so. It will help with the performance of your computer.

Note: Make sure that you have the operating system compatible driver. If you tried installing different operating system driver, then you will encounter problems, like error on installation process.

3. If everything is done and checked and still no internet connection, then its better to have your computer returned back to the store where you bought it and have it replace. The built-in LAN card is a defective one.

Note: Number 3 solution depends on whether you bought it brand new on a PC parts selling shop and not a used one that you just bought from someone.


Hope that one of this solutions, suits your problem.

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Hello there. Please help me troubleshoot my Computer




If this is a new computer with an operating system already loaded, then it should have all the drivers installed and ready. First of all, do you have an account with an internet service provider and do you have a modem in your house/location? If yes, connect your computer with an ethernet cable to the modem, this should give you internet access. Make sure that your connect it to the right port and that the cable you're using is not broken. If it doesn't work, you may need to turn your computer and modem off. Turn your modem on, wait for about 3 minutes, then turn on your computer. This should refresh the connection and provide you with an internet connection.


Thank you. Hope it helps.


Clair june

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