HD tune read error on Acer aspire1414 laptop

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I have a new Acer aspire1414 laptop. It gave me a ‘Read Error’ and aborted Test when I attempted an HD Tune test. I tried rebooting and defragmenting. But I still get this error. It doesn’t get a crash and it can play games at a good speed. Additionally, the BIOS of this system have been maintained at the default optimal level. The HD Tune error check that I ran also appears to be fine. But when I try to run HD Tune Benchmark, I get this ‘Read Error’. Is this indicative of my hard disk health? Is there anything that I should be concerned of? Somebody please help me. Thanks a lot for your valuable help. Regards

Read Error!

Test aborted.

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HD tune read error on Acer aspire1414 laptop


Hi Mario,
The steps to recover the read error in the system are as mentioned below:
1) Boot the computer and wait for the Acer logo to appear on the screen
2) Press Alt+F10 buttons on the system
3) The system will enter in the recovery module
4) The system will perform disk repairs through the Windows automatic recovery system
5) Select the latest from the recovery list and click enter
6) Restore the system with the latest of the software in the system
7) Repeat the process for the remaining versions to be recovered in the current system

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