HD Pro Web cam C920 for video call

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I bought a Logitech HD Pro Web cam C920 for video call but I am having audio and microphone problem with my Logitech web cam. How will I overcome this problem?

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HD Pro Web cam C920 for video call


Logitech HD Pro Web cam C920 has inbuilt dual stereo microphones with automatic noise reduction facility. If you are having a audio problem with your microphone you need consider few things as this problem may occur due to various reasons.  First of all you have to make sure your sound hardware works correctly and configured properly.

Then make sure you have connected Web cam accordingly. You should connect microphone connector to appropriate port. Then open your sound device software and make sure your microphone is enabled and microphone volume set is to maximum level. Hope this will solve your issue. 

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HD Pro Web cam C920 for video call


That’s right. Just like what the previous post says, the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 is integrated with dual stereo microphones with automatic noise reduction support. Even if the webcam has built-in microphones, the audio processing will still fall on your sound card so you can hear what you have been recorded.

If you have problems with the audio and the built-in microphone, check again if you’ve already installed the camera’s software. The camera will not work properly without its software. If you haven’t downloaded or installed its software yet, go to Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Software then download and install it. The required software supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Once installed, check the audio and the microphone if they are already working. If you are chatting with someone using the webcam and you can’t hear the person you are talking to, the problem is not with the webcam but with your sound card. In this case, you should check if your sound card is working properly. Try reinstalling its driver.

To do this, right-click My Computer then select Properties. Select Hardware tab and click Device Manager. In Device Manager window, expand “Sound, video and game controllers” then right-click on your sound card and select Uninstall. If you don’t know which one to click since there are many devices listed under it, right-click on each of them. It is only your sound card where you will see the Uninstall option.

You will not see Uninstall on the other devices on the list. Once your sound card is removed, exit all windows and restart your computer. When Windows prompts you to install the driver for your sound card, install it. After this, verify if the problem is fixed with your camera. Also, try updating your sound card’s driver.

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