Having trouble with the stability of beta releases.

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When I install beta versions software I had the problem. Do you have any hints on how we can ensure we get better stability?

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Having trouble with the stability of beta releases.


Now a days Beta program, Beta release, Beta version is common word in market. Every manufactured company try to release a Beta version or Beta product for check users review. Every software manufactured company using this method to publish their product in world market. For the result they can know the user’s review and they can collect bug report for update that version before final release in market for business.

That’s why they can earn more profit for release beta version or beta program. Usually beta version are free so most of the user like to use beta version and they are waited for release full version.


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Having trouble with the stability of beta releases.


In any application or software, beta releases or versions are expected to be unstable. They release beta versions because this is the normal cycle how a program is developed and released. The release of this version is important because this is when the thorough tests are applied and the best way of doing the tests is to release it to users for testing.

This is the stage when “bugs” are discovered in the application. The users who test the beta release are often called beta testers. They are normally the customers or potential customers of the developer who are willing to test the application free of charge. But most of the time beta testers also benefit from the beta release.

Frequently, beta testers receive the official release of the program for free and sometimes they can have it at a reduced price. To help you learn about the stages of development of software, here are the stages:

  • Pre-alpha – this stage refers to all the activities executed throughout the software project before the testing phase. Some of the activities may include requirements analysis, software development, software design, and unit testing.
  • Alpha – this is the first phase of the software testing. At this stage, it is usually the developers who test the application by means of “white box techniques”.
  • Beta – this is the stage following Alpha phase and is also the stage where the application is already feature complete. This is when beta testers come in for testing the software. The objective of beta testing is to lessen the user impact which often includes usability testing. At this stage, developers often release either an open beta or a closed beta version.
  • Release candidate [RC] – this stage is still a beta version but with the possibility that this will be the final product. This is the phase where it is ready to be released except if major bugs were detected.
  • Release to manufacturing [RTM] – this is the stage where the application is ready to be delivered to the customers. This is when the build may be digitally signed so that end users can verify the authenticity and integrity of the program purchase.
  • General availability [GA] – this is the marketing stage of the cycle. This is when all commercial activities have been completed and the application is now ready for purchase.
  • Release to web – this is the method of distribution that uses the internet for product circulation.

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