Having problems with Apple ID recognition.

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I have installed IOS 5 in my iPhone 4,  but icloud is not recognizing apple id.

I think it should work. Is there any method on solving this? 

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Having problems with Apple ID recognition.


Howdy Jeremy,


I suggest you to create another iCloud account if it does not recognize your apple ID. If not, just follow the step by step procedures below to be able to fix your problem.

  • Open the link below and manage your account
  • https://appleid.apple.com/
  • Use your Apple ID when logging in
  • Take a look at a box or link that says "make your apple id as your email'
  • And then save and click Ok

You need to restart your computer after that for changes to take effect. I hope this might help you fix your problem. Good luck!



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Having problems with Apple ID recognition.


Are using more than one iphone for the icloud service, for that could be the source of the problem.

In case you have more than one iphone registered under your account, then the problem could be as a result of updating the iphones to the latest IOS5, and thus getting the contacts mixed. You will need to try the following:

  • Go to icloud.com, and there you will need to separate groups for all phones that you have.
  • Then you will need to sort the contacts into the groups that you have created accordingly.
  • When you click on groups on the iphone and then click the appropriate one, it will show you only the contacts in the group that is right for that iphone.

-Clair Charkes


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