Having problem with moving files with long file names

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I run my PC with Windows 7 ultimate. I'm having a problem recently. Moving files with long file names is a big problem for me now. When I try to move a file which has a long name it simply rejects the command. I need some help on this. 


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Having problem with moving files with long file names



On most Windows systems, there is a configuration parameter used by the Windows OS by the name MAX_PATH. It has got a value of 260 indicating the maximum number of characters a path can hold. Here, "path" refers to the actual location of a certain file in a Windows file system.
For example, C:some_foldersome_file.txt indicates that the actual location of file "some_file.txt" on the C drive is "C:some_folder". A very clever way of tackling the issue you are facing would be to reduce the number of characters that describe the file path so that the number of file-path characters plus the number of characters of a file name together become less than the maximum limit, which is 260 characters. I am not sure how many folders you have to rename. That is something for you to take some survey on.
Even if your folder names are not so long, the problem many still exist if your folders are organized so deeply within a certain drive. For example, this may also cause a problem. C:folder1folder2folder3folder4… folder55myfile.txt.
For more information, please have a look on this website. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa365247(VS.85).aspx
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