Having problem in installing my favorite game..

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Since I was a kid I really like playing computer games, because it brings me a real enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. I am so disappointed because last year after I bought the installer of The Sims 3 game I can't save it into my computer. Every time I'm trying to install the game, in the middle of installation the software requires me to insert the disc 2.

When I insert the disc 2 it will stop or freeze installing saying it can't find the "Sunset Valley.objectCache". I tried to locate manually the "Sunset Valley.objectCache" to continue the installation but still it is not working. Does anyone here already installed this game? I'm looking for someone who can help me to fix my problem.

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Having problem in installing my favorite game..



Mark here. Now I assume the error you are having is File: E:CachesSunset Valley.objectCache Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). Now this error is pretty common, it is either caused by a bad sector in your hard drive or in the disc itself. One thing you can try is perform Error checking on your hard drive and try fixing possible bad sectors rendering the copy of that certain file impossible. Here's how you do error checking:

  1. Go to My Computer and right click the drive you are installing Sims 3 to.
  2. Choose Properties then go to the Tools tab.
  3. Under the Tools tab, find the panel Error-checking.
  4. Under the Error-checking panel, click the button Check now…
  5. Now if the drive you are using this is the C: drive (where your OS is installed) you may be prompted to restart your PC, do so.
  6. Wait for the error checking to finish and try installing Sims 3 again and hope it works.

Now if the above didn't work, most likely your CD drive can't read the disc properly at some point, most specifically, at that part where the file generating the error is. In this case, what you can do is try cleaning the disc and your drive, perhaps dust is in there.

Another solution would you can go and try ignoring it for now and see if the installation continues, and once it appears again, just keep retrying. Every time you retry, try to remove the disc and insert again and hope it works, some people reported this works so I hope it works for you too. Really, this problem is most likely with the disc itself in this case and you have no choice but to try again and wish you get lucky.

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Having problem in installing my favorite game..


If your second CD has damaged, this kind of error would show. Copy the content of the second CD to a folder. And try to reinstall the game. When you ask to insert the second CD, give the direction of the folder and press ok or retry. If it didn’t work, try to burn a image file of your second CD. And mount it from a virtual CD ROM and install the game.

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