Having difficulty with on Linux OS on my Remote Desktop

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I am having difficulty with on Linux  OS on my Remote Desktop. Whenever I type ‘krdc’ in the terminal, then a windows is appeared where I give  my patch with VNC:/{IP ADD} also RDP:/{IP ADD} . After that, there is error showed that desktop isn’t installed. I am not able to install desktop using YUM. Another thing is, can I share desktop and use remote desktop when I have Linux and Win XP on the other .

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Having difficulty with on Linux OS on my Remote Desktop


That problem may be occurring because the remote desktop on your linux OS has not been enabled. To enable it you will need to do the following:

  • You will need to access the  Remote Desktop Preferences dialog.
  • You will do that by going to the desktop System menu,  and then you will select Preferences.
  • You will after that click on Remote Desktop. When selected the following window will appear:
  • You will need to check the box labeled Allow others to view your desktop so as to activate the remote desktop access for viewing purposes.
  • And then you will also check the box with Allow other users to control your desktop so as to give permission to users accessing your remote desktop to control the desktop.


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