Have the Wireless Speakers been Manufactured?

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Hi,i have an interesting question. My question is that, It bothers too much, to adjust the wired speakers with PC. This problem can be solved by manufacturing  wireless speakers. So that one could put them anywhere in the room. Wireless Speaker should have such a mechanism that it could be attached with any type of computer. It will be enjoyable when,no one could judge where the music is playing from.

Is such invention has already been done?

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Have the Wireless Speakers been Manufactured?


Well, actually wireless speakers is already been manufactured and also available in the market. Wireless speakers are actually has two units, the main speaker combining the loud speakers itself with an RF receiver and RF transmitter, these transmitter will connect the audio output in any audio devices like hi-fi equipment as well as computers also in mp3players.

This frequency ranges up 900MHZ, This Radio Frequency signals can pass through walls and ceilings and transmits to a range of 150 to 300 ft. A lot of wireless speakersfeatures changeable transmission frequencies it can be set in a tuning know to overcome RF interference with other close by devices such as cordless phones and monitors.

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Have the Wireless Speakers been Manufactured?


Although wireless speakers are already in market but i will not prefer some wireless technology for your system. Because of these reasons.

  • It may not work at a distance of more then some meters.
  • It will be a costly technology.
  • Wireless signals contain noise when passing through air and which can infect the signal quality.
  • It can contain more noise then voice.
  • It will not work if there is no light plug for speaker phone near to your desired location for speakers.

I think these are the reasons that wireless speakers are not so common now a days but in feature may be they will be easily available because scientists and engineers are all the way working to reduce the noise quality in signals when passing through air and that's the reason it may be available in near feature but not sure about it.


Michal joran.

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