Hardware warranties, does it really exist?

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     We, the end -user have always been the looser when it comes to warranty on our personal computers.

    It has been an experienced in our office that computers backdown not longer than a year ,eleven months or so. The said unit was returned back to the supplier for the one year warranty on parts and labor. Only repair has been done without replacement of the defective hardware. A month  or less the problem occured again but we cannot bring back the unit to the said supplier for its already out of warranty. How can we have a replacement of the unit rather than a repair on its part, the first time that we brought the unit to the supplier?

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Hardware warranties, does it really exist?


Hi Scad_nica,

      Before buying a computer make sure first of the WARRANTY.  Always read and check the terms of conditions for in that way you can have the questions regarding the defect or the defiency of the equipment you've purchased.  Sometimes the manufacturer requires the buyer to return the warranty registration form to them to know if the machine is purchased and can compute  the warranty when will expire.

     Whenever problems occur on the supplies you purchases don't hesitate to look for the dealer because they are the ones responsible for the repair or replacement services.

Hope this could help you.


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Hardware warranties, does it really exist?


Hallo Scad_nica,

For sure there are hardware warranties, as long as the supplier that you buy the computers from is a genuine supplier. For instance I had a problem the sound box of my laptop and I took it back to the supplier I bought it from and had it replaced, though it took quite a while because the part had to be imported from outside the country.

You may be denied the warranty if the hardware that your computers are having have been caused by you. For instance breakages and failure of hardware devices due to spillage of liquids. So if the warranty period is not over and the problems the computers are having have not been caused by you then you deserve the warranty.


Lee Hung

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