Hard time with PC BOOT UPS?

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Good day everyone! 

I had a hard time fixing my Window’s XP every time I started to work on it.  

Those files I’ve downloaded are constantly corrupted and one thing my pc won’t boot up. 

Likewise, manifold error messages would appear on screen.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?



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Hard time with PC BOOT UPS?


PC Multiple problems causing most downloads are corrupted.

One of the signs you have given is a cause of virus infections. Take this sign seriously; all of your downloaded files are constantly corrupted, hard to boot up and multiple error messages. 99.9% of this possibility is a virus infection.

If you don’t have any important files in your system root drive or the drive where the operating system was installed, you may format your hard disk drive and install a clean operating system.

After installation, install an anti-virus program before installing other software. But before installing other software, if you have an extra hard disk drive or a second partition of your hard disk drive, better scan them first and free from virus infection then precede on the next step.

If you are not able to format your hard disk drive for the reason of important files saved on it, try to boot on safe mode and have your anti-virus software install and scan your computer. There are some cases that you can not install any anti-virus program even I a safe mode after virus infection. Your friend computer may help you for this.

Ask him to scan your hard disk drive by putting it in an enclosure or make your hard disk drive slaved on your friends computer then scan from virus infection.

Sometimes virus attacks to the operating system slow down the performance of your computer. So, I recommend formatting the hard drive than to exerting efforts to clean it from virus infection.

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Hard time with PC BOOT UPS?


Hi BJ Martin,

The files you download could have contained viruses not detected by your anti virus.

So if you fix your computer again, I advise you to switch to a different anti virus program that can block, scan and quarantine most known viruses and it should have an automatic database update so it can identify new viruses as well.

Good luck!

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