Hard Drive making noise and slow

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Since i had installed Lime wire, my hard Disk becomes slowly and my computer makes a strange noise.

I think that my computer has a problem, because it makes this noise all the time.


Its that noise from the processor or from my hard disk ?


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Hard Drive making noise and slow


Most of the times these kinds of problems happen because of the vibration issues. When the data copy to the hard disk CPU try to work more hard. And also disk in the hard disk rotate more speed and also because of CPU work more hard the fan will increase the speed. All these mean more vibration.

And also there can be a loose connection or misfit of any of the devices in your PC. All these can occur notices in the computer. If CPU works hard the heat will go up and it can affect to the speed of the machine too.

So best solution is clean your PC well and see weather all the parts are fit well to the casing. Then try again…

Thank you.

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Hard Drive making noise and slow


Hard Drive makes noise if this hardware is not installed properly. If it's not seated in the correct slots and or it's loose in the motherboard.

Just like any other components, TV, Radio, Speaker, once they are in used, it'll create noise or it vibrate. This indicate that the hardware are doing it's job. This applies to hard drive, when it's in used, it'll vibrate but the difference from above examples are not the same.

Hard Drive vibrates or it'll make noise if the hardware itself is in too much used or not properly seated.

You will need to fix this the soonest as possible because once hard drive gets corrupted, you can no longer retrieve data or you may encountered problem retrieving files.

You'll need to open the computer casing. Unplugged and replugged hard drive and it should be properly seated inside. Do some clean-up and remove any dust and any particles that might cause this hard drive into trouble. Clean up the computer fan so it'll rotate without any destruction.

All these plays big factor to a computer. Fan, dust, not on the right slot, dirty hard drive, all affect computer performance. Do check this regularly to make your computer function properly.


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