Hard disk space is getting loosed.

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There was 5 GB free space in the hard disk. But suddenly it got full. 

So, I have deleted 3 GB data. But on the next day, in the morning, it is showing the disk is full. I have removed 21 GB data but it’s again down to 20 GB. 

So, I have checked with ‘Malware bytes’, but nothing found. I have also executed the disk cleanup. 

Please help me recognize the problem.

If anybody knows the solution to this problem please help me.

I will be thankful for all your help.

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Hard disk space is getting loosed.


It is really good that you use the utility disk clean up. But you also need to use the utility disk defragmentation. 

Since disk clean up frees up the space in hard drive. What disk defragmentation does? 

Suppose file AB C present in the hard disk. If B is deleted by you. The hard disk will appear like A_C. Although B is deleted but still it occupies a vacant space. 

To rearrange the contiguous files in order to speed up the access time defragmentation is needed. By defragmentation it will look like AC in hard disk.

In your case you need to do disk defragmentation to have consistent free space.

Click start button – All programs – accessories – system tools – Disk Defragmentation.

First analyze disk and then defragment disk. 

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Hard disk space is getting loosed.


Hello Jalvarez,

Have you happened to reinstall windows in your system ? 

Sometimes when you reinstall windows, the previous files are saved on a windows.old folder in your C drive and that adds enormously to your hard drive usage. Once you delete that folder with administrator privileges you free up a lot of space. 

Also, do you happen to use Norton Ghost ?

When i used that, the ghost file took a lot of space when i put it on hard drive. Additionally you can go to your task manager if there is a program running in background and is continuously populating your hard drive? 

Eventually you can try to repair system through a bootable CD.

I hope that helps.


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Hard disk space is getting loosed.


After disk defragmentation the disk space is normal now. 

I was worried about this problem. 

Thanks Cape Steve for helping me to find the solution. 

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