Handy Cafe remover uninstaller application

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Hi all,

I installed Handy Cafe 3.3.21 for my wifi network computer. When I plan to uninstall that I can't uninstall Handy Cafe smoothly. Is there any application that will work as Handy Cafe remover uninstaller. Handy Cafe is creating a big trouble for me. Also do let me know, why Handy Cafe can't be uninstalled smoothly ?


Kristoper T Stark

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Handy Cafe remover uninstaller application


Hi Kristopher,
You can uninstall the Handy cafe remover by using the special uninstaller software
The steps to uninstall the Handy cafe software are as follows:
1) Download the software from official Handy Cafe website
2) Install the software in the system by following the installation wizard
3) Open the uninstall tool, select 'Handy Cafe' from the list
4) Click 'Run Installer' button


5) Click 'Yes' to confirm the uninstall
6) Complete the standard uninstall process and Click 'Scan Leftovers' to remove all leftover data


7) Click 'OK' to finish the removal, restart the system

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Handy Cafe remover uninstaller application


Hello, This is how to delete Handy cafe. I've got two suggestions for you.
A.    When you are using Windows XP, then go to Start -> Run -> msconfig. On the startup tab. Uncheck hndyc then restart the computer.
B. The following are some simple instructions you could do.
1. Open your system case or casing of your computer.
2. Remove the SATA HARD DISK DRIVE or IDE HARD DISK DRIVE or simply remove your hard Disk. 3. Open one good computer I mean who don’t experiencing that same problem.
4. Install or put the hard disk on it after that.
5. Boot your computer.
6. Locate the hard disk drive that you have install on it.
7 And finally locate the installation directory
8.Delete the Folder just simply hit “Shift DELETE” and hit okay.<
9.remove that hard disk and install it back on your computer. And BOOT
10. Your DONE!!!
You could also use an installer like the one here

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