Guidelines on Importing Excel Data to Toad

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Recently I have faced some problem to import my excel data to toad.

I have no idea about that.

Could you give me a details guideline how to I import excel data to toad?

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Guidelines on Importing Excel Data to Toad


Hi Omor Bablu

There are multiple methods to import data from excel to toad.

Method 1

  1. First the table should exist with the same number of columns as in excel sheet then in toad.
  2. Select the proper schema and table name where data should be inserted.
  3. Now click “EXECUTIVE WIZARD” where you can specify the type of data file which you’ll import.
  4. Now select Excel file (.xls) and click next.
  5. Give the path of file then click next and again click on execute.
  6. Your data will be imported to toad.

Method 2

  1. Create an excel file (.xls) and upload all tables and columns of specific data types
  2. Load the file using “SQL LOADER WIZARD” under the database administrator tab of Toad.

Method 3

  1. In this way you can import the spreadsheet directly using an IMPORT under the database tab.

I hope you’ll found a better solution from here. Good Luck


Johnstoon Leen

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Guidelines on Importing Excel Data to Toad


Hellow Babu,

You can import excel data into to do by following procedures:

  • Explore Data import Wizard
  • Select File format from input file Format as Excel file
  • Checks "Column names as header"
  • give the number of rows.
  • Brows the location and select the files
  • Click the Next Button
  • Click the Next Button
  • You can see the preview of imported excel file
  • Click the Next Button
  • Finish



I hope this will be effective.

Thanking you.

Shifflett Laurel


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