Guide installation of windows 7

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I have a new Pc and I want to install windows 7 as its new OS, But I don’t know how to do it. I was able to download the OS from the internet and write it in a cd. I do not have the instructions to follow on how to install it.

I’m stuck, please help me with the installations process, and what else do I have to do aside from the cd? 

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Guide installation of windows 7



To install windows 7 you need to have a certain configuration of your PC. It takes about 12 GB free hard disk and 1GB RAM with dual core processor. If your PC meet with this term then flow my instruction. First put the disk on your driver then wait until program shows it’s menu then click on advanced option then choose the drive you want to install then wait until windows copy its file mean while computer will restart several time .and you will be asked to select time and language. Then you will be asked to put key if you don’t have the key then mark on active online .you have to buy the key from Microsoft .Or use it for a month as trial version. Then you have to create user account PC name etc after that windows will set you visual. Then you can use your PC YOUR installation is completed now. GOOD LUCK

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Guide installation of windows 7


Windows 7 can be installed very easily. You just need to go through few steps and you will be able to install it. First thing to do is you need to format your hard drive partition on which you want to install your new window. Such as you need to install it on C: then you need to format it. To do this put your window 7 CD in the CD Rom and then reboot it or re start it. Once restarting the coming screen will ask you either you want to boot form CD or from hard disk.  If you are installing from the CD. Then you can press any key with in five seconds to boot from CD. Now it will run form CD. windows will upload its files from cd to your computer. Now here in options you will be asked for on what drive you want to install your new window choose the drive and click ok. Once done you will go through all the process which is need to install new window it will also guide you time by time. After some time your new window will reboot your system and your window will be able to see for this time. Enjoy using new window 7.


I hope this will work fine,


Michel joran.

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Guide installation of windows 7


Hallo Robert,

Now that you have the CD, I am assuming that it is indeed bootable and if you also have the serial key for the operating system, you are good to go.

  • Just insert the CD into the DVD drive of your computer and restart the computer.
  • When the computer is booting, it will ask you to press any key to boot from the CD. Do that.
  • The installation will start.
  • Just follow the instructions.
  • When you reach the place where you are asked to choose the partition on which to install the OS, choose the one that has an OS right now and format it to remove the old OS.
  • Another thing you should ensure that you do is providing a valid serial key when asked.
  • Also remember to set the time, date and regional settings.
  • Otherwise installation is a simple process, just click next, next, next, up to finish but ensure that you read the instructions carefuly.


Mahesh Babu

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