GTD (Getting things done) Apps

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These apps are purpose built to help you manage your time. Please advice on which one to choose?

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GTD (Getting things done) Apps


Hello Anna W Brown,

Here are some links that you will be able to access unlimited apps for your device. They range from free to a small fee. You can have a pick from music apps, games apps, two apps that will allow your device to be very easy and functional.

This link here has over 148 apps for iPhones. Here is another site for free games, The Apple store. You can also do a Google search and type in free apps for games and the device you have you should be able to get more. Hope this works!

Hello Ms. Deloresigott, Here is 5 good GTD apps;

1. Remember the Milk (web base program) A free app that helps manage your tasks. It has a to do list management options and is continually being innovated. The following programs can be used with it : Gmail, Google Calendar, it supports offline with Google Gears, and RTM which is assisting with the GTD supporters out there.

RTM has a pro version if you need a little bit more than what the free version is offered. To familiarize yourself to RTM here is a link.

2. Microsoft Outlook (Windows) is still equipped with email, to – do, and calendar suite, it has add like Jello Dashboard, GTD Outlook Add in, Outlook, and OneNote. This will cost you.

3. Thinking Rock (Windows/Mac/Linux) Free, open source it has boasts cross-platform support. This program allows you to plan your thoughts and put them into a plan by organizing them very well. Which are stored as data in a transparent XML file for thumb drive access.

You would have to take some time aside to learn the ropes of this app, but when you do it will be worth it. This app is free to download and are available for Mac, PC and Linux. Here a link for more information.

4. OmniFocus (Mac only) Another to do app. Can be used on a PC it can be integrated with OS x, which includes hooks into iCal and Mail. App. Has been talking about coming to iPhone and iPod touch as well. It will provide an on to go GTD. This app. Cost is $80 for a license, but can be tested for 14 days free. Here is a link to look more into.

5. Pen and Paper (still consider a fev) It can be used with Hispter PDA, Moleskine, or notebook to do list, and yes the pen and paper in style to go to thing to get when you want to get things done.

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GTD (Getting things done) Apps


GTD apps or known as Getting Things Done are sets of many different free applications that are mainly designed for organizing tasks, shopping lists, checklists, todos, commitments, and more. Here are several of the generally well-liked GTD tools to increase productivity:

  • DGT GTD & To-do List [Alpha] – organizes tasks by context, tags, folder, subtasks, location, and star. It is capable of organizing unlimited hierarchy levels. The application requires Android 2.2 and higher. You can download it from Google Play | Shop Android Apps | DGT GTD and To-do List [Alpha].
  • Remember The Milk – a web-based application which gained popularity because of its web accessibility. And because of its web accessibility, it makes it as a cross-platform solution that any user can use with any computer. It has a strong integration with Google Calendar, Gmail and you can work offline using Google Gears. To sign up for an account, visit Remember The Milk™.
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GTD (Getting things done) Apps


Thank you for your generous achievement; grand explanation and very educative comments. I am actually interested in the GTD Apps but my knowledge on GTD Apps is very limited. After reading your description, I felt more assured, and I now know that there are several of the generally well-liked GTD tools to increase productivity. Among those I prefer Remember the Milk application for its web accessibility which helps to make it as a cross platform resolution with the intention of any user can uses with any computer. Its other integrations were also mind touching too. I would like to thank Sharath for providing an ideal way to manage GTD tools and thanks also Techyv friend for perfect solutions.

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