Grouping and un-grouping of worksheets in Excel

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I would like to edit multiple worksheets in MS Excel at the same time. My job requires that I insert values into multiple worksheets or delete a set of values from each one of them. Can I group worksheets together and edit them simultaneously? How is this done? Once I have finished editing, how can I then Ungroup the worksheets?


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Grouping and un-grouping of worksheets in Excel


Hi Abrahamahartman,

You need to go through following steps to Group worksheets:

If you have three worksheets say worksheet A, B, C in an Excel file, then you need to press the CTRL key in keyboard and you need to hold that key. Holding CTRL key you need to click each tab you want to group, like in the example press CTRL key and hold and then click worksheet A, then B and after that click C sheet. You will see in the menu bar, the file name is showing with headline group with it. That means the worksheets are now grouped. Now if you enter something or delete something row wise or column wise or in any specific tab on Sheet A it will be affected on Sheet B and C also.

To un group worksheets, just click on a sheet after entering multiple records on every sheet. On click all worksheets will be ungrouped.      


Derick Harris    

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