Grid Crash or error message OBJ_Null on SQL

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Hello everyone,

Recently, I downloaded the latest Service Pack (SP3) of Team Developer 5.2  from the Unify web site. I used SQLBase as the backend and I was getting the OBJ_NULLerror. I am developing a small web application using this program when the error happened. Aside from that I also get crashes with both TW (after 30K rows) and GRID (after 23K rows) with v5.2 SP3. I also noticed that the application exits without any warning. Anybody who can confirm this?

I would be enormously grateful if someone could help me fix this problem..

Thanks in advance to those who will offer solutions.

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Grid Crash or error message OBJ_Null on SQL


It would've been nice if you posted a bit of codes you have created. By posting this, we can follow the patterns and idea what you are trying to employ. What are you trying to design and in this, we can track down the possible problem and missing codes, row and or the issue itself. What we can say is only to assume that the issue is in somewhere but we can't pin point the root cause of the issue.

The problem might be indicate that the row is not pulling back, there might be missing & after each row. You might name 2 or 3 files with the same name and or missing. It could be conflicts with other files, possible changes in codes will fix this issue however you'll need to dig deeper on where the error is coming from.


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