Graphics card crashed when I am playing Game.

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I am a computer game addicted. I play the game 6-8 hours daily. My Graphics Card is EVGA GTX 580. It gives me a better service when I see video in the net. I can play low quality game without any fact.

But cannot play 3 D game on my PC.

It plays only for 5 minute. There appears some line in the middle of my PC.

After that my screen comes dark and takes restart. Here is my PC configuration:

  • Intel Core 2 duo
  • 3 GB DDR2
  • Gigabyte
  • Thermaltake Tough power 600W

This is the screen shoot:

Graphics Card is EVGA GTX 580-3D game error

Also, there are more unknown problem which i could not take a screenshot.

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Graphics card crashed when I am playing Game.


Good Day!

This is probably the cause of a Graphics Card Crash! How old is your graphics card is it still covered with warranty?

If your video or graphics card is still under warranty I suggest you go to your shop where you bought this and ask them for repair/replace the video card. Whatever is covered by the warranty.

There are some solutions but there I won't guarantee if this will be fixed and will perform the same as before:

  • Check the fan of your graphics card if it is still running, if it is not running place a box fan targeting the video card to let it cool. Clean the fan and apply grease to the parts of the fan where it is needed, if your video cards fan is not moving then this causes the video card to overheat and malfunction when in heavy use.
  • Turn off your computer, open the tray of your CPU, remove the video card and clean the pins of your video card using a pencil eraser to remove the dirt building up this will improve the connection of the pin to the video slot.
  • Make sure that it is tightly installed, lost video card installation also cause malfunction to the screen.
  • Update your Video Card Driver go to my computer Right Click > Properties> Device Management > Search for your graphics card Right-click on your video card in the programs list, and select "Properties." The update will be a button under the "Drivers" tab if your device is so equipped. If this doesn't work, take note of your graphics card go to the manufacturers website download and update your video card.
  • Check the VGA Cable and make sure that it is tightly connected to the video card.

If none of this works for your computer, I prefer you go to a technician to let him look at your video card, or you might want to buy a new video card, when buying a video card research about the video card you plan to buy check its durability, the video cards benchmark from other video cards.

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Graphics card crashed when I am playing Game.



I hope I can help you. I will give you some prepositions so you can try to find solution for your problem.

Unfortunately, I must say that it's probably a problem with card overheating, because I know that some earlier versions of EVGA GTX580 cards are manufactured without the heat spreader. That is responsible for all the extra space between the graphics processor and the block. They included the heat spreader later because many clients had problems with that graphic card.

Can I know when you bought the graphics card? Do you know how to check GPU temperature? Please visit URL :

With HWMonitor (free version) you could check the temperature of your hardware and tell me which is the temperature of your GPU after a few minutes of playing games.

In my opinion, you should contact EVGA or your computer dealer to get this graphics card replaced with one which have the heat spreader. If that is the problem, of course.

But before that you can try to:

1. Check the cable (can be badly connected).

2. Check if graphics card fan and all other fans are working properly.

3. Update your graphics card drivers.

If you have any questions about something from this solution please ask and I will respond.

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