Got a problem in Hardy Heron Packagekit

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Hello Experts,

After I had upgraded the Hard disk of my HP Mini 110 using again my favorite Hardy Heron were I installed some nice application in a source file.  When installed new software from Packagekit version 0.1.6, can’t understand after I reboot laptop the notification displays in my screen. The notification appeared in the right down corner of screen. Any ideas about the notification appeared in my laptop? Thanks in advance in giving good inputs.

Notification display:


Stem error has occurred-KDE

A problem that we were not expecting has occurred. Please report this bug with the error description.

Details: Spawn of helper ’/usr/share/PackageKit/helpers/apt/’ failed.

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Got a problem in Hardy Heron Packagekit


It is possible that the new installation you did for an application failed. It is maybe due to some underlying errors that are present in your system. Try uninstalling the application and then install it back afterwards. Run the application and see if it is already working. If the problem is not yet fixed, check your hard drive for errors. There might be an error in your hard disk’s file structures that is preventing the application from being installed successfully or running normally.

If you don’t have any means of checking your system for errors, you might want to consider not installing the application anymore since its causing problems with your operating system. Or, if you really need to use it, try formatting your hard drive and install your operating system again.

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