Got an error while using Atrex system

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I am a small business owner and using Atrex system.  However, I suddenly got this error message and do not know what to do.  I couldn’t reach my knowledgeable friend so I turned to this forum knowing you can help me.  Please give me simple steps on how to resolve the problem. Your help will be much appreciated.

Atrex 11

An error while creating the backup. Please check the media and free space for the output destination.

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Got an error while using Atrex system


Maybe the reason why you received that error is that the destination folder or the drive you selected to create the backup does not have enough free space to hold the backup and the backup file that will be created is much bigger than the available disk space. Try freeing some space by emptying your recycle bin or doing a disk cleanup on your hard drive. Try it again after cleaning your hard drive.

If on the next attempt you receive again the same message, it is possible that the current disk space is still not enough for the backup. You need a much bigger disk space to fit the backup file. You can create your backup on an external hard drive if you have one.

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